LEA has sourced and developed a unique suite of products and solutions, each of these fall into three categories, our Partner, Professional and Pure ranges.

LEA Partner

Our LEA Partners products represent the best of European lighting products, designed and manufactured with the highest regard to technical parameters, warranty and style.

Our LEA Partners include:

Nualight is a specialist LED technology company, originating from Ireland, UK. Nualight’s tailored and controllable lighting makes spaces smarter and more profitable. Nualight specialises in LED solutions for Retail, Refrigeration, Offices, Carparks and Warehousing applications.

Luceco are experts in LED, with over 70 years experience, head quartered in London, UK. Luceco are a supplier and manufacturer of high quality LED lighting products, covering a wide range of commercial and domestic solutions.

LEA’s Professional range of products have been developed and sourced from the same stringent technical parameters.

Customers with a need for the highest efficiencies, strong warranties, high quality of light would select the LEA Professional range.

LEA’s Pure range of products balance the best value for money with adequate parameters and modest warranties.

Customers with a need for the good efficiencies, moderate quality of light would select the LEA Pure range.