Zero Outlay, Zero Maintenance, Zero Technology Risk and Immediate Savings

If the capital required to upgrade your building is better utilised elsewhere, let LEA fund the upgrade. The subsequent energy and maintenance savings will, at a minimum, offset the repayments. More likely the upgrade will provide a net cash positive venture.

To begin, a Site Survey is performed by LEA to obtain a complete inventory of the current lighting system, including brands types and quantity of fixtures, wattage of lights utilised, hours of operation and cost incurred per kilowatt hour. LEA will use this survey to recommend a Lighting and Control Solution customised to the location.

Subject to credit checks, this offer will provide for a full turn key solution from LEA, whereby the design, supply, install and agreed maintenance period will be bundled into to a single monthly charge. As this solution will immediately reduce energy and maintenance costs, the benefits will be immediate and repayment terms can be customised to coincide with various business horizons, such as building lease, tenure or banking covenants.