The efficiency, flexibility and reliability of the LEA lighting products and systems drive maximum savings.


Watt and Light (and Fitting) Reduction

Our quality LED products reduce the wattage of old technology lights by up to 80%. They also produce a far superior distribution and quality of light to similarly marketed products and therefore, in most cases need substantially less lights to hit the required lighting levels. In some cases, we’ve used 40% less lights. This adds strongly to our client’s sustainability credentials.


Intelligence and Control Systems

Our intelligence and control systems can account for further big savings in lighting consumption and costs. These savings are made possible by:

  • Occupancy-based lighting (only pay for what you use). We often find that even very busy facilities have low occupancy rates in areas of their sheds or premises.
  • Ability to vary light levels (dimming options available in 1 degree increments from 10-100% in most cases). The more they are dimmed the longer they will last.
  • Talk to LEA about your lighting controls requirements


We can help you recover any available Local, State or Federal Government Incentive Scheme that is available to your project.


Maintenance and Guarantees

With long-lasting LED’s and little or no lamp changing required, our products and systems are designed to last and are virtually maintenance-free.

Our products are rated up to 100,000+ hours L70 and are fully replacement guaranteed for no less than 5 years.

In many cases, the building will be re-fitted before having to replace the LEA light


HVAC and Chiller Load Reduction

Because LED’s generate very little heat compared to conventional light sources, lighting customers see 20-45% savings from decreased HVAC and chiller load.


Continual Improvement and Fine Tuning

By continually assessing the sensor data provided to you through the control systems, you can make smart decisions about your facility or premises and continue to make changes that will reduce your energy consumption and costs even further.